How Long Will Cheesecake Last In The Refrigerator

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How long will cheesecake last in the refrigerator? Remember, cheesecake is a sweet dessert that consists of more than two layers. Also, keep in mind, the thickest layer has a mixture of soft, fresh cream cheese; others use ricotta, eggs, vanilla, and sugar. 

In addition to that, it is a tasty dessert perfect any day. Bear in mind that knowing the freshness of your cheesecake is important. Doing this avoids health issues and food poisoning. 

How Long Will Cheesecake Last In The Refrigerator?

Do You Refrigerate Cheesecake?

Since you usually make cheesecakes with dairies like cream cheese, cottage cheese, or ricotta, you must refrigerate them. 

Moreover, keep your cheesecake covered so it will not absorb odors from the refrigerator. Likewise, it will prevent it from drying out. Furthermore, you can put your cheesecake inside a cake holder. 

You can also cut your leftover cheesecakes into slices. After that, place them into sealed containers. Or make sure to wrap them with plastic wrap. 

For instance, you are making a cheesecake with a topping that does not refrigerate well; you can add the topping later when you are about to serve it.

How Long Does Cheesecake Last In The Fridge?

Essentially, you make cheesecake with dairy products and eggs. These ingredients are quite delicate; that is why cheesecakes do not stay fresh for a long period. For the most part, store-bought cheesecake’s shelf life is about 5 to 7 days inside the fridge. It is unless the package label states otherwise. 

how long does cheesecake last in the fridge

Bear in mind that a basic opened cheesecake could last up to 7 days if stored properly. On the contrary, unopened cheesecakes freshly made, frozen, or homemade will last in the fridge for 6 to 8 days.

Additionally, it would help if you considered several factors in storing cheesecake inside the refrigerator or fridge. For example, the duration of the cheesecake was out. Or how long it took to travel from the store or restaurant to your home. Did your cheesecake get too warm when traveling to your house, or was it out too long?

Remember, cheesecakes kept outside at room temperature for too long may invite bacterial growth. As a result, it will cause it to brown, smell, and be unpleasant to taste. 

Can You Freeze Cheesecake?

As cheesecakes do not keep fresh inside the refrigerator for too long, many people wonder if you can freeze cheesecakes. The answer is yes; if you desire to keep it longer. Also, cheesecakes freeze well, and most of the bakeries do recommend freezing leftovers. 

However, cheesecakes still depend on the ingredients and the recipe that you followed. In other words, not all cheesecakes are the same when it comes to freezing. We can assume that denser cheesecakes without fresh fruit toppings usually freeze well.

How To Store Cheesecake Properly?

The best method to store cheesecake is to slice or cut them into pieces and store them individually. It is best to apply this technique. Remember, the fewer times you take your cheesecake out of the refrigerator, the lesser the chances of spoiling it. Also, this method will be helpful if you want to enjoy your cheesecake the following day. Here are tips you need to know when storing your cheesecake.

  • Avoid freezing no-bake cheesecakes because they do not freeze well. With that, you can freeze baked cheesecakes unless specified in the recipe.
  • Moreover, do not add toppings or garnishes into your cheesecake before freezing.
  • Furthermore, always check the temperature where you want to store your cheesecakes. A temperature higher than 10.8 degrees can ruin the shelf life of your cheesecake. So with that, store your cheesecake at a constant temperature. 
  • If you want to purchase cheesecakes, buy them last before heading home. For this reason, they will remain cold for a long time. When you reach your house, place your cheesecakes inside the refrigerator, and they will stay fresh. In addition to that, it will smell good for a longer period.
  • Additionally, cheesecakes will indeed spoil if not stored properly and kept at a specific temperature. Also, it is best to store cheesecakes from 35 to 45 degrees Fahrenheit. Remember, the shelf life of cheesecakes depends on the preservatives used, the travel time, and the humidity. 

do you refrigerate cheesecake

How Long Can Cheesecake Be Refrigerated?

Like other desserts and filled goods, cheesecake is prone to bacterial infestation that reduces its shelf life. With the right conditions, bacteria can spread and multiply faster. 

That is the reason why a cheesecake’s quality and safety will start to deteriorate within two hours. It usually happens when you leave it out at room temperature. 

Also, refrigeration is a must if you want a safe-to-eat and fresh cheesecake. Inside the refrigerator, your cheesecake will last up to 3 to 7 days. That is why always consume it in its peak freshness; I recommend eating your cheesecake after purchasing or baking it but, 2 to 3 days is still best. 

Signs That Tell If Your Cheesecake Has Gone Bad

Because cheesecakes have a short shelf life, it is easy to tell if your cheesecake has spoilt. Likewise, when it is not safe to eat. Here are the signs we all should watch out for. 


Remember, a fresh cheesecake usually has smooth and even edges. And the cheese will be soft and mellow. On the other hand, a stale or spoiled cheesecake will have crusty and split edges. In addition to that, bad cheesecakes will feel and taste like rubber. And their toppings will also have an odd taste.


If a cheesecake has lost its freshness, it will turn into an unpleasant yellow and have gray spots. Because of this, a color change often indicates that there is bacterial activity going on. Also, please do not eat it, or you will get sick.

Foul Smell

You can tell a spoilt cheesecake through the appearance; however, to be sure, you can smell it to check the freshness. If your cheesecake smells like stale dairy, then you should throw it. One sign is the oozing of liquid, which is another sign of bacterial activity.


When you see mold, it means that your cheesecake will spoil. Mold spores will appear or form when you leave out cheesecake at room temperature for longer than 2 hours. Leaving your cheesecake uncovered can also cause mold to foster. The main reason is exposure to moisture. 

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