Substitute For Lemon Juice In Cheesecake

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Looking for an excellent substitute for lemon juice in cheesecake? If you are, then lucky for you because you came to the right place. Bear in mind that lemon juice provides a citrusy flavor in baking. Not only that but also it gives structure to jellies and jams. Thus, it helps baked goods rise correctly.

But, if you are ever in a situation where you do not have lemon juice, do not worry. Other ingredients can be a great alternative.

Substitute For Lemon Juice In Cheesecake

Orange Juice

What can I use as an alternative for lemon juice? For starters, orange juice is indeed an excellent one-to-one substitute for lemon juice in most baking recipes. The main reason is that it is less tart, acidic, and sweet. In addition to that, it has a distinct taste profile.

Moreover, substituting orange juice may greatly affect the taste in recipes. Especially where you have to put a big amount of lemon juice. Nonetheless, it works perfectly in a pinch.

Lemon Extract

Essentially, a highly concentrated lemon flavor. Usually, it is available in the baking sections of grocery stores. Also, keep in mind that you should only need a drop or two for a recipe. Furthermore, it is an excellent alternative for lemon juice in desserts, especially if the lemon flavor is essential. On the contrary, it would help to add extra liquid because of its high concentration.

Lime Juice

Above all else, lime juice is the best alternative for lemon juice since it is exceedingly similar. In that regard, it has similar acidity levels and flavors. Also, it provides a bit of a distinct taste in various desserts in which lemon juice is an essential ingredient. Nevertheless, the outcome will remain citrusy.

Substitute For Lemon Juice In Baking

Citric Acid

For the most part, it is a naturally occurring acid. You can find it in lemon juice. Because of this, it makes powdered citric acid an excellent lemon juice alternative in baking.

One teaspoon of citric acid is equivalent in acidity to approximately a half cup of lemon juice. Because of this, you only need a little amount. Likewise, it will require a few recipe adjustments. Additionally, you may need to put extra liquid into the recipe to keep the right dry-to-wet proportion of ingredients.

Cream Of Tartar

It is an acidic powder. Typically, you use it to stabilize whipped cream or white foams. In addition to that, it is an ingredient in baking powder.

Furthermore, you can use it as a great substitute for lemon juice when baking. With that, make sure to use about a half teaspoon of cream of tartar. Make sure to do this for each teaspoon of lemon juice needed in a recipe. Also, you will need to put extra liquid to compensate for the insufficient liquid in the cream of tartar.


In general, vinegar is a great alternative for lemon juice in baking. Though, keep in mind that you only need a little amount. In addition to that, you cannot use it as a one-to-one substitute. Moreover, it indeed has a strong aroma. Make sure not to utilize it as a substitute for lemon juice in recipes where lemon is vital.

White Wine

It is indeed a great substitute for lemon juice. Though not particularly lemon-flavored, it is simple to use white wine in your baking. Again, you can use white wine as a one-to-one replacement for lemon juice. With that, consider trying white wine if you prefer not to use lemon juice in your cheesecake recipe.

 substitute for lemon juice in baking

Lemon Juice In Cheesecake

Remember, lemon juice is an acidic ingredient. For this reason, it will help the cheesecake remain together and achieve the correct structure. With that, the lemon juice’s acid will react to the fatty proteins. And, it will provide you that incredible thick texture. Also, if you do not include lemon juice in a cheesecake recipe, it is indeed going to be runny.

Moreover, you should know that it would not be as tasty if there were no lemon juice. Keep in mind that lemon juice adds additional flavor that can make a cheesecake delectable. Likewise, you should use lemon juice if you want to achieve that necessary bite.

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Substitute For Lemon Juice In Cheesecake: Tips For Cheesecake

For the most part, you have to blend the cream cheese to remove any lumps adequately. Remember that overworking the batter will incorporate plenty of air, leading the cake to rise quickly in the oven. And as a consequence, it will fall. As a result, it will have awful cracks.

So with that, you have to ensure that the cream cheese softens adequately. In addition to that, you have to make sure that the eggs are at room temperature. Likewise, you have pre-measured the rest of the ingredients. Because of this, you will indeed make a smooth and not overworked cheesecake batter.

Moreover, it would be best to utilize a springform pan. Bear in mind that a pan possesses a spring to hold the pan’s sides in place. In addition to that, it is equipment for cheesecakes.

Also, it’s best if you never inverted the cheesecakes since they are custard-like once you baked them and exceedingly soft. Besides, it is easy to extract the cake from the pan because it has removable sides. The best thing is that it ensures that you do not sacrifice the form.

Furthermore, always make sure to grease the springform’s sides and bottom for easy removal.


Ultimately, you do not have to add lemon juice to your cheesecake recipes. In most cases, it is necessary. The main reason is that lemon juice has an acidic ingredient that holds things together. In addition to that, it provides the right thickness that everyone wants in a cheesecake.

On the other hand, you may encounter plenty of cheesecake recipes that use ingredients aside from lemon juice. Nevertheless, it is safe to say lemon juice is an ingredient that one must use selectively in their cheesecake recipes.

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