How Much Sugar is in Cheesecake? The Ultimate In-depth Look

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Do you know how much sugar is in cheesecake? Today, we explore the ins and outs of cheesecake nutrition and exactly how you can manage it!

We will not only be looking at exactly how much sugar is in a plain cheesecake, but also what affects the final sugar count. And finally, we will discuss some alternatives you can try to lower this number and make this treat guilt-free.

How Much Sugar is in Cheesecake?

People often ask us how much sugar is in cheesecake, but this is an extremely difficult question to answer. In short, every 100 grams of plain cheesecake contains about 22 grams of sugar. Every slice (measuring 160 grams) contains roughly 35 grams of sugar. And an entire cheesecake that weighs about 1.28 kilograms will contain roughly 280 grams of sugar.

When looking at the calorie count of cheesecake, it becomes even more difficult to answer. Sugar isn’t the only ingredient that adds calories to a slice of cheesecake, even if it is the one that adds the most calories.

A 100 grams of cheesecake contains roughly 321 calories. So, one slice measuring at 160 grams will contain about 513 calories. And finally, a cake that weighs 1.28 kilograms (8 slices) will contain 4104 calories.

Now, while no one can deny that these are staggeringly high amounts and that cheesecake probably isn’t the healthiest dessert to eat, here’s the problem with them.

Even average cheesecakes have different recipes and require different ingredients. Even just the type of sugar or cream cheese you use (by brand) will affect the final accurate amount the cheesecake contains. Furthermore, ingredients like milk and cream will also add sugar, albeit in small quantities.

What can I substitute for sugar in cheesecake

So, if you ever want to figure out how much sugar is in cheesecake (your recipe) then you can use this website.

How much sugar is in cheesecake? – Per slice

As we have mentioned above, a slice of cheesecake that weighs about 160 grams each, will contain 35 grams of sugar and roughly 513 calories. But, the size of slices does vary.

If you have a bigger or smaller slice, the answer to how much sugar is in cheesecake will also vary. Smaller slices will contain less sugar and calories and larger slices will contain more.

If you use the nutritional calculator we have linked to above, you can work out the total sugar amount and calorie count for your entire cheesecake. Then, you can divide it by the number of slices you want to get. If you want 12 slices for the cake, you can divide the total sugar amount by 12.

The bottom line for how much sugar is in cheesecake

While it is impossible to say the exact amount for all types of plain cheesecakes, these averages can be used as a rough estimate. If you are on a specific calorie-counting diet, we would recommend calculating the exact numbers on the website.

Cheesecake contains an unhealthy amount of sugar. But, that is exactly why you should use it as a treat now and then and not as a daily snack. In moderation, anything is completely fine to indulge!

What Affects the Amount of Sugar in Cheesecake?

There are a couple of ingredients in cheesecake (even just plain cheesecake) that will add sugars. It may not all be in the form of granulated sugar, but they still add to the final amount – more than you may think!


So, naturally, the actual sugar added to the cheesecake recipe will contribute the most sugar in the final amount. This can be anything from granulated white sugar, brown sugar, caster sugar, or powdered sugar. All of these sugars will add the same number at the end.

But, every sugar has a varying calorie amount. For example, 1 teaspoon of brown sugar contains about 15 calories whereas 1 teaspoon of white sugar contains 16.3 calories. The difference may seem so minute that it could be completely discarded. But, to some people, it is very important to add these things up. After all, every 1 gram eventually makes 100 grams!

Cream cheese

This is an essential ingredient for making cheesecake. And, unfortunately, cream cheese also adds sugar to the final amount. A 100 grams of cream cheese contains 3.2 grams of sugar.

So, a 16-ounce cream cheese cheesecake will add 14.49 grams of sugar. That is not an insignificant amount!

Milk or cream

If you have to add any type of milk or cream into your plain cheesecake recipe, these ingredients also add sugar. We know, it’s hard to believe that virtually everything contains sugar, but it almost does!

100 grams (or ml) of whole milk will add 5 grams of sugar. Cream on the other hand contains almost no sugar, only 0.1 grams per 100 grams of cream.

Luckily, while the amount of sugar for milk is quite high, you only add a few tablespoons for every recipe to make slight adjustments to the final consistency.

Can You Reduce the Sugar Content in Cheesecake?

It is very difficult to reduce the sugar content in cheesecake, especially if you want a good quality one.

When it comes to cream cheese, you can substitute it for low-fat cream cheese instead. However, while this will lower the sugar count to roughly 1.7 grams per 100 grams, it will change the final texture of the cheesecake. it will make it less rich and creamy.

For milk, you can substitute it with cream. The cream will help lower the final amount of sugar and also make the cheesecake a lot creamier.

And finally, the addition of granulated sugar is arguably the biggest adjustment you can make.

Simply lowering the amount won’t always do. Sometimes you need the sweetness to help balance the tartness of cream cheese and the acidity of lemon juice.

So instead, you can use substitutes like Splenda, stevia, or xylitol as low-sugar alternatives. You will have to research exactly how to make the substitute for your recipe, but it is possible.

Final Thoughts – How Much Sugar is in Cheesecake?

While cheesecake isn’t the healthiest of treats, as we have mentioned before, there is nothing wrong with having a bite now and then! Let us know in the comments below if there are any other nutritional articles you would like us to cover!

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How much sugar is in a normal cheesecake?

A regular whole cheesecake contains roughly 4104 calories and 513 grams of sugar. But, this number can vary depending on the ingredients used in the cheesecake. And, the exact calories per slice will also vary depending on the size of your slices.

Is cheesecake okay for diabetics?

We wouldn't recommend eating cheesecake if you have diabetes. Cheesecakes contain a ton of sugar which is unavoidable. The only time you may be able to eat a slice is if the cheesecake was made using a substitute like xylitol.

What can I substitute for sugar in cheesecake?

There are many substitutes you can use for sugar in cheesecake. This includes stevia, Splenda, Canderol, or xylitol. The options are really almost endless, as long as it will still add sweetness to help balance the flavor.