Philadelphia Cheesecake Cups Nutrition – Best Breakdown

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Today, we will look at a breakdown of Philadelphia cheesecake cups’ nutrition. And, we will also look at what affects their calorie count!

These cheesecake cups are incredibly delicious treats that make meal prep and calorie counting much easier. But, many people overlook the nutritional value of these servings and exactly where the calories come from. So, we will be looking at every nutritional element of these cups to prevent an unhealthy intake.

What Are Philadelphia Cheesecake Cups? Philadelphia Cheesecake Cups Nutrition

Philadelphia cheesecake cups is a relatively new product released by the world-renowned cream cheese manufacturer, Philadelphia.

These Philadelphia cheesecake cups are single servings of classic creamy cheesecake that are available in a wide variety of flavors. These single portions make it much easier to control your calorie intake, but also control how much to buy for parties or weekly meal prep!

At this moment, there are 4 decadent flavors to choose from. This includes cherry, strawberry, milk chocolate, and salted caramel. That’s all we needed to instantly start drooling!

And, where Philadelphia was even more innovative, is by including the crumb separately so that it doesn’t become too soggy! This means that you can easily add crunchy crumbs on top of your cup before serving it!

Philadelphia cheesecake cups review – Available flavors

So, there are basically two ranges released for these cups. Although both are very similar, the toppings and ultimately, the textures vary a bit.

The Original Cheesecake Range

The original Philadelphia cheesecake cup range has four flavors including cherry, strawberry, milk chocolate, and salted caramel.

These cups are filled with flavored cheesecake and a delicious sauce. They do not contain any crumble or crust.

The Philadelphia Cheesecake Crumble Range

The Philadelphia Cheesecake Crumble range has four flavors. They include strawberry, original, cherry, and chocolate hazelnut. Each cup consists of a delicious flavored sauce, topping with some cheesecake, and finally, a graham cracker crust.

The strawberry flavor naturally comes with a smooth and flavorful strawberry sauce. The same goes for the cherry-flavored cheesecake cup. The original flavor simply consists of cheesecake and graham cracker crumble.

And finally, the chocolate hazelnut is a flavored cheesecake with a cookie crumble.

Philadelphia Cheesecake Cups Nutrition – A Look At Calories

How many calories are in a slice of Philadelphia cheesecake?

Before diving into the nutritional profile of these cheesecake cups and their calorie count, it is important to understand what calories are and how they work.

Calories are in simple terms, units of energy. All humans need calories to survive. Fats, proteins, carbohydrates, and sugars are all sources of calories. And before you get excited, everything contains calories – even “healthy” foods!

What makes calories good and bad is the amount you ingest and the quality of the calories. First, if you take in more calories than your body burns, they will be converted into fat and you will gain weight. So, controlling your intake of calories is key. Or at least, making sure you burn enough calories each day through excessive.

Secondly, the quality of calories you take in is important. Sugars and carbs contain mostly bad calories, also called empty calories. These contain very little if any nutrients and don’t benefit your body in any way.

How Many Calories Are In A Slice Of Classic Pre-made Philadelphia Cheesecake?

A standard slice of a 9-inch Philadelphia cheesecake consists of 287.3 calories. This is a very low number for a slice of cake or portion of dessert. Chocolate cakes can contain anywhere between 380 calories to 600 calories.

Now, naturally, these cups aren’t necessarily equal to a slice of classic Philadelphia cheesecake. So, let’s take a look at some Philadelphia cheesecake cups nutrition facts.

How many calories and carbs are in the plain full-fat cream cheese?

100 grams of their full-fat cream cheese contains about 342 calories. It also contains 4.1 grams of carbohydrates. This is mainly so high because of the large amounts of carbs and sugars the cream cheese contains.

If you use low-fat alternatives, the calorie count will also be lower. But, your product will not be as creamy and luscious.

Philadelphia Cheesecake Cups Nutrition – Nutritional Breakdown

These Philadelphia cheesecake cups contain almost the same amount of calories as a slice of Philadelphia cheesecake. This also means that the nutritional content will be virtually the same too.

Philadelphia cheesecake cups contain 200 calories per serving (which consist of 92 grams). These cups are also high in saturated fat, but low in trans fat! Trans fats are really bad and unhealthy fats, so it is great that this sweet treat isn’t packed with them!

They contain no dietary fiber, but roughly 16 grams of sugar. The low sugar count is thanks to the low amounts of sugar cheesecake usually contains. These cheesecake cups also contain roughly 4% of your average daily recommended intake of protein.

Furthermore, they contain a ton of calcium thanks to the large amounts of dairy in the cream cheese.

Now, the varying calorie counts come from the sauces used and whether or not the cups contain any crumbs. Both these will increase the calorie count in different ways. As we have said before, everything contains calories.

Where Can I Buy Philadelphia Cheesecake Cups?

Philadelphia cheesecake cups can be found in any of your local grocery stores that stock their products. What we also absolutely love about these cups is that they are surprisingly affordable! This makes it great for budget desserts or when trying to effectively portion for parties and other occasions.

You will find these cups in the cold section, usually between the pre-made dessert items. Sometimes, you can also find them next to other Philadelphia products.

Now, if you don’t want to waste time going to the shop to buy these, and of course, if you can wait a couple of days for shipping, you can order them online too. There are many stores and online retailers that ships within a couple of hours or a day.

Philadelphia Cheesecake Cups Nutrition – Conclusion

Now that you know these cups are actually relatively healthy as a portion of dessert, you can enjoy every bite completely guilt-free! For more informative articles like this one, have a look at our website. And, feel free to let us know what you think in the comments below.

philadelphia cheesecake cups review


How many calories are in a slice of Philadelphia cheesecake?

One slice of a 9-inch Philadelphia cheesecake (or their pre-made and portioned sliced) contains roughly 287.3 calories. This is quite low for a dessert, and the cheesecake cups are even lower in calories themselves.

How many carbs are in Philadelphia cream cheese?

Their full-fat cream cheese contains about 4.1 grams of carbohydrates per 100 grams of cream cheese. It also contains 342 calories per 100 grams of cream cheese.