Is Cheesecake Fattening?

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Is cheesecake fattening? Unfortunately, it can be fattening; keep in mind that it has a ton of fats. For instance, Starbuck’s pumpkin cream cheese muffin has about 6 grams of saturated fat, 24 grams of fat, and 490 calories.

Not only that but also in a single slice of chocolate Oreo mudslide cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory, you can get about 34 grams of saturated fat, 71 grams of fat, and 1,050 calories.

So with that, if you consider yourself as a sweet tooth, it would be best not to eat these decadent desserts often.

Is Cheesecake Fattening?

Yes, and how fattening is cheesecake? In essence, cheesecake usually has similar calories as an iced chocolate cake, not to mention about 30 percent fewer calories compared to a chocolate mud cake.

Though cheesecakes do not contain almost twice the fat of a usual iced chocolate cake, they have approximately half the fat of chocolate mud.

How many calories are in an entire cheesecake? In the whole original cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory, there are around 830 calories; bear in mind that most of those calories come from fat.

Also, there are about 18 grams of fat in a slice of commercially-prepared cheesecake. On the other hand, there are around 12.5 grams of fat in a single piece of homemade cheesecake.

In general, fat is not entirely bad for one’s health since it can be essential for numerous functions in the body. These include the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins like vitamin D. Not only that but also gives fuel to the body. In addition to that, it keeps the brain functioning well.

In most cases, most of an individual’s fat intake should come from unsaturated fats like those found in nuts, avocados, seeds, and olive oil. For instance, you have eaten too much-saturated fat, which is present in plant foods and animal foods, it undoubtedly increases cholesterol levels.

For that reason, as the cholesterol levels rise in an individual’s body, the body needs to work harder to pump the blood. As a result, it puts a particular individual at risk for heart attack; bear in mind that too much-saturated fat may increase the risk of unhealthy weight gain and diabetes.

why is cheesecake factory so fattening?

Cheesecake Factory

For the most part, Cheesecake Factory is one of the most popular restaurants globally; it has about fifty different kinds of cheesecake. In addition to that, it has around 250 regular menu items.

So, if you are looking for a place to treat your family and friends to a well-deserved meal for special occasions, Cheesecake Factory is one of the best places to visit. Although, it is indeed expensive.

Apart from the fact that it can be costly, you might ask, why is cheesecake factory so fattening?

Breakfast: Is cheesecake fattening?

First and foremost, you do not want to start your breakfast with bruleed French toast; bear in mind that it is a tasty French toast. However, it contains about 24 teaspoons of sugar, 93 grams of saturated fat, and 3000 calories. Talk about having to consume a week’s worth of fat!

Lunch: Is cheesecake fattening?

If you order the Fettuccine Alfredo, it is best to make that the only meal for the entire day. The main reason is that you will be consuming more than 1,800 calories. In addition to that, it has 82 grams of saturated fat.

At the same time, trying a healthier option like fish, especially their miso salmon packs, still contains about 1,200 calories. Not only that, but also it has around 31 grams of saturated fat.

Dinner: Is cheesecake fattening?

Similarly, if you order Fettucine Alfredo in a dinner-sized portion with some lean chicken, it will have 104 grams of saturated fat. In addition to that, it will have about 2,590 calories.

Additionally, the Cheesecake Factory’s Cobb salad has 26 grams of fat. Plus, it has about 1,570 calories. At the same time, if you order the Louisiana chicken pasta, including the crispy chicken carbonara, you will have to consume 85 grams of saturated fat, not to mention 2,500 calories.

Besides, no individual goes out for dinner and only orders an entree. You are bound to have appetizers and even several drinks. And because of that, you will consume enough calories and fat for a week and a half.

Desserts: Is cheesecake fattening?

It is undeniable that if you go to the Cheesecake Factory for some coffee and desserts, especially their cheesecakes, you will start to ask yourself if cheesecake makes you gain weight?

At first glance at the cheesecake menu, you will desire more than just a single piece; please note that each of those slices has the fat and calorie content of one of their entrees.

Essentially, Cheesecake Factory’s original cheesecake has approximately 34 grams of saturated fat and 800 calories. And by the time you order one of their specialty cheesecakes, you are bound to have consumed around 60 grams of saturated fat and 1,500 calories.

Regarding the red velvet cheesecake, it has 57 grams of saturated fat, not to mention that it contains more than 1,500 calories. Nonetheless, most other desserts fall somewhere in the middle of those mentioned above. In contrast, only some options have a calorie content of less than 1,000.

But still, if you are a big dessert-lover, it is indeed challenging to resist eating more than a bite or two of Cheesecake Factory’s many tasty desserts, especially their cheesecakes and their many variations.

Healthier Options When Making Homemade Cheesecakes

Do cheesecake make you gain weight?

There are many ways to avoid the additional cholesterol, saturated fat, and calories by creating a homemade cheesecake. However, be sure to modify some of the ingredients.

In that regard, please use fat-free cream cheese instead of the usual cream cheese. Doing so will lessen the saturated fats and calories of your cheesecake.

Moreover, it is best to use egg whites instead of whole eggs. In so doing, it will reduce dietary cholesterol. Plus, you can try adding powdered fat-free milk to increase the protein in your cheesecake.

Additionally, you can try making a vegan pumpkin cheesecake with gluten-free chocolate crust. It is undoubtedly perfect for the holidays, especially if you want to remove refined sugar and dairy.

Not only that, but also you can make this delectable and gorgeous dessert with unsweetened cocoa powder, dates, melted coconut oil, and not to mention a chocolate crust of almond flour.

Also, this recipe’s cheesecake filling is an excellent blend of vegan cream cheese, soaked cashews, nutmeg, coconut oil, cinnamon, arrowroot starch, maple syrup, and most importantly, pureed pumpkin. With this, you can serve this fantastic dessert to your loved ones.


How Fattening Is Cheesecake?

Cheesecake has the same calories as an iced chocolate cake. But, the massive risk in this dessert is the amount of saturated fat hiding in every slice you eat; with that, it has about ten grams.

Why Is Cheesecake Factory So Fattening?

Cheesecake Factory has around 800 calories in their original cheesecake; in addition to that, their specialty cheesecakes contain about 1,500 calories and 60 grams of saturated fat.

How Many Calories Are In An Entire Cheesecake?

For the most part, there are about 830 calories, including 34 grams of saturated fat, in an entire cheesecake.

Do Cheesecake Make You Gain Weight?

In general, cheesecake is undoubtedly a year-round favorite. Unfortunately, this particularly decadent and tasty dessert is not doing your waistline any favors since it can make you gain weight.