How To Get Cheesecake Out Of A Springform Pan – 3 Easy Ways

Last Updated on March 29, 2022 by Griselda M.

Do you know how to get a cheesecake out of a springform pan? Today, we will explore 3 fantastic and fool-proof techniques that you can use!

What Is A Springform Cake Pan?

If you are as obsessed with cheesecakes as we are, then it’s likely that you already own a springform cake pan. And, even if you are pretty new to the baking scene, almost everybody knows what this pan looks like.

A springform baking pan is a special pan that has been designed in such a way that the sides can be completely removed. This allows you to much more effortlessly get the cake out of the pan without having to flip the entire thing around.

Regardless of the brand, material, or size of these pans, they are all designed in exactly the same way. These pans consist of two pieces – a base plate and an adjustable side ring.

Upon tightening the side, it aligns perfectly with grooves in the base to create a tight seal. This ensures that the cake batter will stay on the inside of the cake pan.

Benefits of using a springform cake pan?

These pans have a ton of benefits, especially when it comes to certain cakes, like cheesecake.

For cakes that cannot be turned upside down, these are great! You can remove the cake itself by keeping it completely upright. Once the sides are removed, you can simply slide the cake from the base and continue decorating and serving.

Another benefit of these pans that many people don’t realize is that they are extremely easy to clean. Specifically in the corners of the pan. There is nothing worse than having to grab toothpicks to remove burnt cake from the corners of your one-piece pan.

But, by separating the two pieces (the base and side) you can simply wash each element on its own.

How long should a cheesecake cool in a springform pan?

How To Use A Springform Cake Pan?

Using these special pans isn’t that difficult. Or honestly, that is much different than using regular cake pans.

Before adding your cake batter, you will still need to line the entire cake pan. And, properly lining the sides is even more important now! If the baked cake has stuck to the sides and you remove the clasp, it will tear the cake apart.

So, you can line the bottom of the cake pan with non-stick baking paper. You can also line the entire pan with non-stick cooking spray or baking spray.

We sometimes prefer using unsalted butter. It will also prevent the cake from sticking to the cake pan. But, it also helps give a little bit more flavor to the cake and beautiful golden color.

How To Get Cheesecake Out Of A Springform Pan?

So, when people think about how to get cheesecake out of a springform pan, they always immediately loosen the sides. But, this hasty decision could have detrimental effects!

Before unclasping, you have to wait for your cheesecake to cool and set in the fridge. You can look in our tips and tricks section on the best technique we like to use.

Once your cheesecake has been set, you should get a sharp knife with a very thin blade. Filleting knives or fish knives work extremely well because their blades are flexible. This makes it easier to go around the sides.

Then, slice along the inside of the pan to loosen the cheesecake from the edges. This step is made a lot easier if you properly lubricated the sides.

Once the cheesecake is detached from the sides, you can unclasp the clip. Carefully allow the side to expand. Keep checking whether the cake isn’t still stuck somewhere. Then, once fully open, you can remove the entire ring.

How To Get Cheesecake Out Of A Springform Pan? – Loosening The Base

Once the side of the springform cake pan has been removed, you can move on to the next step, which is getting the cheesecake off of the base plate.

Now, again, this part is extremely difficult because you cannot actually flip the cake over. So, by using our clever tricks, you will be able to remove the entire cheesecake while it stays intact.

1. Lift with a spatula – How to get cheesecake out of a springform pan?

This technique requires two sets of steady hands and three large spatulas. Slide the thin spatulas underneath the sides of the cheesecake. Then, in unison, carefully lift the cheesecake and transfer it to a nearby stand or container.

2. Slide off – How to get cheesecake out of a springform pan?

This method can work really well, or end in disaster if you aren’t careful. It works especially well if you have lined the cake pan with baking paper.

Carefully lift one side of the cheesecake over the edge of the base plate. Then, carefully slide the cheesecake directly onto the serving plate or stand.

Do not drop the cake onto it. Keep both the base and stand-level so the cheesecake doesn’t snap in two.

3. Line with baking paper – How to get cheesecake out of a springform pan?

As we have mentioned many times now, lining your base with non-stick baking paper helps a lot! Just make sure that the paper is slightly bigger than the base so that you can grab it once the sides are removed.

Then, just slide it directly onto your cake stand or serving plate.

Tips And Tricks – How To Get Cheesecake Out Of A Springform Pan?

  • You absolutely have to wait for your entire cheesecake to cool and set before attempting to remove it from the pan. The pan is what helps keep it together while the structure sets.
  • To properly cool a cheesecake, first, allow it to cool inside a switch-off oven with the door slightly cracked. Then, remove the cheesecake from the oven and cool it at room temperature for another hour. Lastly, wrap the cheesecake and allow it to set inside the fridge overnight.
  • You can heat your sharp knife in some warm water. This will essentially help melt through the cheesecake and make it much easier to remove from the sides. Just wipe the blade dry before starting the slice around the edges.
  • It does sometimes help to heat the bottom of your base plate to help loosen the cheesecake.

Do you butter springform pan for cheesecake?

Wrapping Things Up – How To Get Cheesecake Out Of A Springform Pan?

Our in-depth tutorial on how to get cheesecake out of a springform pan is easy to follow and apply! You don’t need any special equipment or skills. If you found it useful, let us know in the comments below!


How do you remove a cheesecake from a springform pan?

You first have to remove the side of the springform pan, then lift it off the base. To remove the sides, simply heat a sharp thin knife and slide it between the cheesecake and pan. Then, unclasp the sides and remove it completely. Finally, you can use any one of our techniques to remove the cheesecake from the base.

How do you transfer cheesecake from springform pan to cake board?

First, you have to loosen the sides using a sharp thin knife. Then, you can use 3 techniques. The first is to use 3 spatulas and (with a friend) lift the cake off the base and onto your plate. The second is to simply slide the cake off the base. And the third, is to line the base with baking paper to help slide and pull it off the base onto the plate or cake stand.

How long should a cheesecake cool in a springform pan?

We prefer allowing our cheesecakes to completely cool and set before removing them from the springform pan. First, cool the cheesecake in a cracked cooling oven for 1 hour. Then, cool it for another hour at room temperature. And finally, wrap the entire pan with plastic wrap and allow the cheesecake to set in the fridge overnight.

Do you butter springform pan for cheesecake?

You can use butter to help prevent the cheesecake from sticking to the pan. But, you can also use non-stick cooking or baking spray. And, to help more easily remove the cake from the base, line the bottom with non-stick baking paper.