How to Fix a Soggy Cheesecake Crust – It’s Easier Than You Think!

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To fix a soggy cheesecake crust may not be something you imagined doing. Don’t panic! In the next paragraphs, we’ll give you some ideas on how to do it.

The water leaked into the cheesecake, and now your crust is messed up. Believe me, it’s not that difficult, you just need to be calm and take it easy.

There can be several reasons why this happens, we may feel stressed and pressured because the kids don’t want to wait for it anymore or you have a party in a few hours and you want your cheesecake to be perfect, but everything has a solution.

Soggy Cheesecake?

Oh no! The cheesecake fell; it’s a doughy mess now. A soggy cheesecake means it has been saturated or heavy with water or moisture -soaked with water-. This can be because of insufficient leavening (for cakes or bread), improper cooking, or some other reason that we’re about to tell you about in the next section.

It is good to know that there are clever ways to fix this problem, I’ve already been through that, and let me tell you, wet stuffing and soggy crust are easy to fix. Keep reading!

7 Reasons Why a Cheesecake Could get Soggy

  1. The springform pan may not be functional anymore.
  2. You forgot to wrap your springform pan or you ran out of aluminum foil.
  3. The foil barrier might not have been well placed; improper foil wrapping.
  4. There was a puncture in the foil paper.
  5. Water splashed into the pan or in between its walls while pouring it into the bain-marie insert.
  6. You’ve overfilled the pan with water.
  7. You used cold water for your bain-marie.

water bath cheesecake

How to prevent this from happening?

First, you have to know When Is A Cheesecake Done Baking – Cheesecakes World. But, if something looks wrong, here are some tips and tricks to help you prevent your cheesecake from getting soggy in the first place.

  • Bake the cheesecake crust before adding your filling, get it into the oven itself, and do not water bath. This will ensure the desired pre-cooking of your base. Just make sure that the crust cools completely, if not, the filling will melt or get separated.
  • Verify your springform pan it’s in perfect condition or at least functional. A tip: wash your pan with warm soapy water and a soft cloth. We want to prevent this from getting knocked around, you must store it carefully to avoid this getting bent.
  • If you’re in a hurry and ran out of aluminum foil, you have to do the leaking test. Fill your springform pan with water and hold it over the sink, and wrap it if any water leaks.
  • Make sure you properly wrapped your springform pan with aluminum foil, you want to avoid this being breached and therefore soaked in water.
  • A very functional springform pan is Candy Apple Red Silicone Springform Pan. You can save a lot of time using it.
  • We want to avoid water splashing, try to pour your hot water slowly and carefully. Don’t overfill the large pan, an inch or so of water should be fine. Ensure that you use hot water.

Create The Perfect Water Bath For Your Cheesecake

Almost all baked cheesecakes are made in a bain-marie. That is to say water bath baking -or bain-marie baking- helps prevent cracks and create gorgeous desserts. This guarantees a creamy and smooth texture.

Bain-marie gives the perfect moisture, due to it bakes the filling evenly and gently. The water bath creates a moist atmosphere that keeps the cheesecake from cracking or drying out. You can still bake a cheesecake without it but, this may not have the excellent texture you are looking for.

We want to replicate a hot water bath, to create one, all you need is a large deep pan and hot water. You will first put in your prepared springform pan with the cheesecake batter in it, make sure is perfectly wrapped in aluminum foil, then pour hot water (just about an inch up).

And now, is ready to get into the oven!

How to Fix a Soggy Cheesecake Crust

So the water entered your cake, you don’t know what to do and probably you’re thinking there is nothing you can do. Let me tell you how you can save a cheesecake or crust when the water has already gotten into the springform pan or into your cheesecake.


Don’t feel disappointed, we all make mistakes in the kitchen. I once burned out a lasagna for not being alert and attentive. I know! But relax, it’s part of our cooking learning.


We’ve come up with an interesting and ingenious solution for you.

  1. Scoop out the filling and bake the crust for another 8 minutes.
  2. Make some more graham dought base and paste it, just in case this got damaged.

See? Not a big problem!

What to do if your cheesecake has been ruined?

If none of these tips and tricks worked for you, let us tell you what you can do, so no one will notice. Any idea?… How about making a cheesecake trifle? Let’s do it!

First, take out the filling and pour into another pan or recipient, stir or mix using an immersion blender. A food processor would also work perfectly. Then, get your cute favorite glass or transparent cup, scoop, and pour some cheese mixture into the glass, and alternate layers with whipped cream.

Garnish your dessert glasses with a cherry, banana, or mango slices, chocolate syrup, a lemon wheel (or zest), maybe a mint leaf, rainbow sprinkles, or even chocolate chips. The idea is to get your imagination run wild.

And voilà! You can now serve your cute dessert glasses and feel successful.

Final Words

It’s easy to think there are no solutions when we’re under pressure. I didn’t want to give you false hopes, these tips don’t always save a soggy cheesecake, however, there is always a backup solution in life as well as in the kitchen.

The good news is; now you know what to do to prevent your cheesecake crust from getting soggy and you will know what to do next time.

Stay confident and creative!

 soggy cheesecake

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