Can you Freeze Store Bought Cheesecake?

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Can you freeze store-bought cheesecake? Let us give you a few tips and tricks about this topic.

As well as us, I imagine that you also have your favorites of the market. My favorite is Costco’s Turtle Cheesecake. Here we are going to tell you details about freezing them and I will share with you my personal experience too.

Let’s go!

Freeze Cheesecake

Certainly, there are days that we crave cheesecake but we don’t want to cook or much less wait for it to cool down before eating it, who’s with me on this one? And obviously, the fastest and most reliable way is to go buy a cheesecake from our favorite bakery or supermarket. What’s your favorite store-bought cheesecake?

Luckily, you can freeze a cheesecake to enjoy it later! You can freeze the entire cheesecake or you can do it in individual slices. Cheesecake actually freezes very well, although it has to be carefully thawed to prevent it from being too soft.

 can you freeze cheesecake with fruit topping

Here’re some facts about freezing your cheesecake:

  1. If the cheesecake has a graham cracker crust you can see that when thawed, it will have moistened a little and therefore will not be so crispy. But it shouldn’t really affect the overall taste or quality of it.
  2. When freezing a cheesecake, it’s important to protect it from freezer burn, this is done by covering it well with plastic film and aluminum foil.
  3. Be careful not to place anything on top of the cheesecake to avoid damaging it.
  4. Cheesecake without toppings freezes better.
  5. You can freeze homemade cheesecake or a store-bought, baked, or no-bake cheesecake.
  6. Homemade cheesecakes last up to three months in the freezer, but we assure you it tastes better if you eat it within the first month.
  7. You can also slice it before freezing it, wrapping each slice in aluminum foil and a plastic bag or a Ziploc. Just make sure you seal it. To cut the slices easier, dip a sharp knife in hot water before cutting it.
  8. Another important thing you should know is that it will freeze better as it is, without toppings. Therefore, you should put the toppings when is ready to serve.

Freezing Store-bought Cheesecake

Surely, there are infinite recipes and variations on cheesecake in the market. Whether you can buy it at a cake store, your nearest bakery, or in a chain supermarket like Costco or BJ’s. They managed to have them in the refrigerators or even frozen.

 freeze cheesecake

If you buy a frozen cheesecake, it’s very important that you read the expiration date and instructions and stick to the storage directions. So count 3 months from the prepping date, and if the cheesecake has more months in its expiration date, then we have nothing left but to do the test.

Also, if you buy a cheesecake with toppings and you don’t plan to eat it soon, you will have to remove the toppings before freezing. And, don’t freeze your store-bought cheesecake in the container it comes in. Make sure you remove the box first.

Freezing Homemade Cheesecake

To freeze a homemade cheesecake follow the next steps:

Step #1: Let it cool

Let the whole cheesecake cool for about 4 hours before taking it into the freezer. Some recipes will need more time to cool completely.

Step #2: First Freezing

Take your cool and uncovered cheesecake into the freezer for one hour, in the same springform pan. Find a safe spot for it.

Step #3: Remove from springform pan

Wrap your pastry cardboard cheesecake base completely with aluminum foil. Carefully remove the sides of the springform pan and lift your cheesecake, then put it over the aluminum cardboard base. Having someone help you is the best way to do it.

Step #4: Wrap it and freeze it

Wrap the entire cheesecake and aluminum cardboard with two layers of kitchen plastic film. Grab a permanent marker to label and date your cheesecake. Put the date and the type of cheesecake.

Step #5: Freezer proper temperature

Make sure to maintain the freezer’s temperature at minus 18 degrees Celsius or lower, this will help your food to be properly frozen and not spoil quickly.

What about a No-Bake Cheesecake?

If you just made a no-bake cheesecake, you will have to first take it into the fridge, and then once is set, then you can take it into the freezer. If you don’t do this and you take it immediately to the freezer, it will turn too hard to slice.

How to Defrost your Cheesecake?

Time to eat a cheesecake that has been frozen.

Firstly, take the cheesecake out of the freezer and place it in the fridge the day before, you can do it overnight. This will give it time to slowly thaw. If you don’t do this, excess moisture may get on the cake in the form of condensation, this makes the crust soggy and wet. So, do it this way and be patient!

 freezing homemade cheesecake

If you need to thaw it quickly, unwrap it and put it on the counter at room temperature. It will take about 2 hours to thaw.

If you only want to defrost one individual slice, unwrap it from the plastic film and aluminum foil, and place the slice into your microwave for about 30 seconds, take it out, put it on a serving place, garnish with your favorite topping, and then, enjoy it!

Good news! A defrosted cheesecake lasts for about 2 days in the fridge.

Can you Freeze it Twice?

Definitely not recommended. If the cheesecake has been kept at room temperature for less than 2 hours, it is safe to refreeze, otherwise, it shouldn’t go back to the freezer.

In Conclusion

You can easily make a cheesecake in advance for a special event or just to have it on hand. Don’t forget to wrap it properly before freezing it tho, this applies to homemade, no-bake, and store-bought cheesecakes. This will give the cheesecake a proper seal, protecting it from common freezer burns.

Follow the tips we gave you and enjoy it anytime!

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