Top 12 Blueberry Cheesecake Ice Cream Brands

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We have compiled a list of the top 12 blueberry cheesecake ice cream brands for you in this post. The whole team and I had to sacrifice ourselves to try all of them to make a comparison and vote for the best brands in the market. Okay okay, I should say that we had an ice cream party instead.

And as we all know, the market is full of wonderful brands with amazing ice cream flavors. But only a few have the one we were craving for; the one and only… blueberry cheesecake ice cream. Keep reading to check out the list.

Cheesecake Ice Cream

All of us who love cheesecake may also love cheesecake ice cream. Unless you don’t eat frozen food. But if you do, just so you know, we also made a homemade blueberry cheesecake ice cream that day which you definitely need to try.

We are going to share the recipe with you so you can also compare it to the brands listed.

Top 12 Blueberry Cheesecake Ice Cream Brands

It should be noted that the brands mentioned below have definitely not been listed from the best to the worst. They have only been the brands that we found in the market and that we liked. With that being said, we leave to total discretion the personal tastes of each individual.

But personally, I love the Lochmead Farms ice cream.  Alright, alright, I also loved Kemps’ and Blue Bells’ ice cream. Check them out!

 blueberry cheesecake ice cream

Abbott’s Frozen Custard

All we can say about it is that a scoop of this delicious blueberry cheesecake ice cream will immediately water your mouth.

Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream

This blueberry cheesecake ice cream flavor came out around 2012. You can easily find it at Walmart.

This delicious ice cream has a thick graham cracker crumbs swirl in it. It’s also important to say that the cheesecake flavor overtakes the blueberry flavor. You are free to add extra fresh blueberries or even blueberry jam to it.

Just try it!

Handel’s Homemade Ice Cream and Yogurt

A cheesecake ice cream with blueberry ripple and cheesecake chunks.

Hershey’s Ice Cream

Just as the brand says, this cheesecake ice cream has a sweet and sour blueberry sauce and authentic cheesecake pieces.

Perry’s Ice Cream

They describe it as the perfectly churned blueberry cheesecake ice cream with blueberry swirls, graham cracker crumbs. But, they also said that has a 50% artificial flavor, less fat, and fewer calories than regular ice cream.

Perry’s has a lot of different flavors. They have more than 60 delicious flavors! Among this great variety, you can find exotic and popular flavors as well.

 cheesecake ice cream

Private Selection™ Maine

You really should try this flavor out. This blueberry cheesecake ice cream has a subtle blueberry flavor. It contains pie crust flakes, a delicious blueberry sauce swirl, and little frozen blueberries mixed in.

Great Value

This is one of my favorites also. When it comes to availability, I always go to Walmart to buy a Great Value ice cream. In this case, the blueberry gives it another taste, which I found delicious.

Velvet Ice Cream

It’s a rich and creamy cheesecake ice cream with blueberry swirls. It also contains bits of graham crackers and small pieces of cheesecake.

Lochmead Farms Oregon’s Premium

This is a premium product. And as they say, their products are rich, creamy, and full of flavor. The cream comes from their dairy and some other ingredients come from their farm.

Aylesbury Royalty Premium Ice Cream

This product is a smooth melting ice cream. Letting the blueberries have a slightly sweet taste.

 homemade blueberry cheesecake ice cream

Kemps Ice Cream

This is also a premium ice cream. It has graham cracker crumbs, oatmeal cookie pieces, and blueberries of course.

Purely Decadent Dairy-Free Ice Cream

This dairy-free blueberry ice cream is full of flavor. It’s special for our lactose-intolerance friends out there. It has blueberries and crumbled crust pieces.

Blue Bell

People say it’s a small scoop of heaven. It contains little pieces of cheesecake and a blueberry sauce swirl. It’s heave as a premium ice cream.

Homemade Blueberry Cheesecake Ice Cream

Check out this video for the homemade blueberry ice cream so we can also compare it to the brands we have listed before. Don’t forget to let us know what you think about it!

And yes, you should absolutely try it. When we made it, we couldn’t stop eating!

Prepare the Ingredients You’ll Need

  • 2 cups of fresh blueberries
  • the juice of 1 lemon
  • 1/3 cup of white sugar
  • 8 oz of cream cheese -at room temperature-
  • 2 cups of heavy whipping cream
  • 1 can of condensed milk

And, in case you don’t have fresh blueberries to make your homemade blueberry jam, you can just buy blueberry jam at the store. Just follow the rest of the recipe as it goes.

Here’s the recipe video. I hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

You can also opt for light condensed milk and use greek yogurt instead of heavy cream and cheese cream. If you’ll like a healthier blueberry jam -homemade of course-, you can replace sugar for honey.

Also, you can add graham cracker crumbs to it if you want to. Or, you can reserve your crumbs when the serving time comes. By putting a spoon of crumbs onto the bottom of the serving plate or glass and pour your ice cream on top.

Final Words

So we have created this list for you to decide which will be your favorite brand. We have only given you the brands that we liked the most and that you can easily find at your nearest supermarket.

It is said that in tastes, genres are broken. But I assure you that this ice cream list will be one of your favorite lists on the web. Try all of them if you can and leave a comment in the box below.

Please feel free to leave a comment, a suggestion, or ask any questions if you want to. We’ll be glad to answer all of them.

Enjoy it!