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Delicious Fresh Pineapple Topping For Cheesecake

Today we will make a deliciously sweet pineapple ganache with a pineapple compote. Our pineapple compote is where the actual pineapple punch comes in!

Instructions For Making This Pineapple Topping For Cheesecake Recipe

Ingredients For The Pineapple Topping

– 1 small pineapple, peeled and chopped – 1/2 cup granulated white sugar – 1 tbsp cornstarch

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Step 1: Make The Cheesecake

You can use a pre-baked cheesecake or make your own from scratch. Make sure that your cheesecake has been completely cooled and started to set.

Step 2: Make the Ganache

First heat the cream in a medium-sized saucepan. Add the white chocolate into a large mixing bowl. Add the pineapple extract and give it a good stir.

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Step 3: Add the Ganache to the Cheesecake

Allow the pineapple ganache to cool for 5-10 minutes before pouring it over your cheesecake.

Step 4: Make the Topping

Combine all of the ingredients in a medium saucepan and allow it to simmer until you are happy with the consistency. It should be a chunky topping.


You can also adjust the texture of your pineapple topping by adjusting the size you cut the pineapples into.


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