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7 Differences Between Cheese Pie vs Cheesecake

The word pie is a type of baked food made of meat, vegetables, or fruit topped with dough. Cheesecake is a classic dessert of American cuisine.

Cheese Pie  vs Cheesecake

Pies can have two types of crusts: Pastry crust and Crumb crust. Cheesecake crust it’s made with cookie crumbs.

Round 1: Crust

Round 2: Height The cheese pie is low. Cheesecakes are usually tall.

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Round 3: Mold

The mold must be a mold for pie. Cheesecake is made at a springform pan.

Round 4: Filling ingredients

A cheese pie has less cheese. Cheesecake rich in creaminess.

Round 5: Consistency

Cheese Pie its consistency is firmer and less creamy. Cheesecake is Creamier, softer, less firm.

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Round 6: Color

Cheese Pie: Yellowish, this is because of the condensed milk. Cheesecake: Ivory.

Cheese Pie: It bakes at a lower temperature. Cheesecake: The cheesecake is regularly baked for about an hour or so.

Round 7: Temperature


Cheese pie vs cheesecake. Two delicious desserts that although they can be made simply, they´re still very different.


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