Cheese Pie vs Cheesecake

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Cheese Pie vs Cheesecake. Are you wondering what’s the difference between these two? In this post, we will answer all of your questions.

They have always been compared because of their similarity. In fact, many think they are the same! But no, let us tell you that they have many differences and that some people prefer one more than the other.

In the world of baking and cooking, there are hundreds of ingredients that we can use to prepare all kinds of food. But sometimes we find preparations that at first glance seem very similar to each other, but they actually have very different processes.

What Is A Cheese Pie?

The word pie is a type of baked food made of meat, vegetables, or fruit topped with dough. A preparation that is typically made in oven-safe casseroles that have a sweet or salty filling and that is completely covered with dough.

 cheese pie dessert

What Is A Cheesecake?

Cheesecake is a classic dessert of American cuisine. But it actually goes back much further in time. In fact, the first cheesecake may have been created on the Greek island of Samos.

Anthropologists found cheese molds that can date back to around 2000 BC. There is evidence that it was served to athletes during the first Olympic Games in 776 BC. At that time, the traditional cake for weddings was precisely cheesecake, which included flour, wheat, honey, and cheese.

Actually, it wasn’t until the 18th century when cheesecake began to resemble the one we know today. Cream cheese was added to the recipe and became a staple ingredient for New York Cheesecake.

Cheese Pie vs Cheesecake

Is a cheesecake a pie or a cake?

The history of the pie goes back to its most rustic origin in ancient Greece. Then the Romans improved it and turned it into a creamy dessert stuffed with honey and cheese. And that is how it was invented.

So, we did a random survey to see what the people think about cheese pie and cheesecake. We surprisingly found out that many people think these two are the same! However, they are not.

That’s right, their resemblance is incredible. So, in this battle, we have listed the differences and similarities between a cheese pie and a cheesecake. Are you ready for the first round?

 differences between cheese pie and cheesecake

Round #1: Crust

Cheese Pie

In the case of cheese pie dessert, the dough used for its preparation is very buttery and super crunchy. Its crust should cover the edges of the mold. Also, a pie must be baked and served in the same mold since it is more complicated to unmold it without breaking it.

So, traditionally, pies can have two types of crusts. The pastry crust, which is a combination of flour and fat that has to be baked. And the crumb crust, which is made with pulverized crackers -usually graham crackers or Oreos- instead of flour. This can be previously baked or non-baked.


Cheesecake crust it’s made with cookie crumbs. It’s easier to prepare, unlike a broken dough. This crust will not cover the edges, only the bottom of the springform pan.

Round #2: Height

Cheese Pie

The cheese pie is low.


Cheesecakes are usually tall, but you can also use a tart or pie mold to make them. Although, the height depends on the style of the cheesecake. It is usually made in a 9-inch springform pan.

Round #3: Mold

Cheese Pie

The mold must be a mold for pie or tart.


A cheesecake is usually made at a springform pan. This is tall and it has a removable ring to unmold it safely.

Round #3: Baking information

Cheese Pie

It has to be dry-baked.


A cheesecake is preferable to bake in a bain-marie, but it can also be baked dry.

Round #4: Filling ingredients

Cheese Pie

A cheese pie has less cheese and more liquids. Most of the cheese pies are made with condensed milk. And usually, this pie is made with only 1 package of cream cheese.


Rich in creaminess because it has a lot of cheese. It normally has 3 or 4 packages of cream cheese. Its preparation also includes sour cream or yogurt (acidity).

Cheesecakes aren’t made with condensed milk, they’re made with sugar.

Round #5: Consistency

Cheese Pie

Its consistency is firmer and less creamy.


Creamier, softer, less firm.

Round #6: Color

Cheese Pie

Yellowish, this is because of the condensed milk.



Round #7: Temperature

Cheese Pie

It bakes at a lower temperature. This is because its height is low.


The cheesecake is regularly baked for about an hour or so. Its temperature must be the correct one. This is because it’s a tall cake.

What About the No-Bake Cheese Pie or No-Bake Cheesecakes?

Both of them include gelatin powder, in different quantity of course. But is almost the same process. In this case, the main difference would be the crust.

Pies would have a baked dough crust or they can also be made with crumbs, but remember that this needs to cover all the edges. And for cheesecakes, a crumb crust would only cover the base of your springform pan.

The texture of cheese pie and cheesecake is totally different. However, if we talk about a no-bake version, both of them are softer, almost mousse-like. But yes, both are absolutely delicious!

Final Thoughts

Cheese pie vs cheesecake. Many of us have asked ourselves this question, especially when we analyze that they are different. That’s when we question ourselves and start looking in detail for these differences.

Two delicious desserts that although they can be made simply, they´re still very different. As we have learned in this post.

 is a cheesecake a pie or a cake

So, now that you know the differences between cheese pie and cheesecake, let me ask you this question: which one do you prefer? Do you rather go for a firmer cheese pie or a creamier cheesecake instead? I personally love cheesecake… yes, because it’s creamier.

Leave a comment in the box below, we’ll be so happy to answer all your questions or suggestions.  And finally, enjoy your cheese pie or cheesecake! Because both taste like heaven.