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4 Places To Get The Best Japanese Cheesecake

If you are wondering about the Japanese cheesecake price, it’s like any other pastry. It varies from a bakery to another based on the region, city, availability, and demand.

Keki Modern Cakes

People who might be able to physically visit the shop and experience many other authentic desserts, it is located in a tiny Chinatown storefront.

Kitchoan Minamoto

The shop is located mainly in New York with up to 3 branches, along with other ones in San Francisco, so if you are anywhere near New York or New Jersey.

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Takashi Bakery

For New York people and visitors, it is located in the east village, while it is also available for ordering online.


Based on the reviews and delivered orders, the satisfaction level is really high, it is located in Chicago, Illinois.

Whenever you are there for a visit, a vacation, or even living there, make sure to visit and try one of these bakeries and shops .

All these shops and others can be reached out thru their websites. Online ordering has made all the cravings come true!


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