Best Knife To Cut Cheesecake

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Best Knife To Cut Cheesecake

Whether you have made the cheesecake or bought it, you’ll want to cut it as best you can. And using the wrong knife can leave you with a real mess. Here are a few tips on buying the best knife to cut the cheesecake. And there are also a few techniques to cutting the perfect slice of cheesecake, and I’m happy to share the tips with you.

What To Look For In A Knife For Cake Cutting

Let’s talk about knives. Which knife is best to cut a cheesecake with? And what does a cake knife look like? I’m sure you have a drawer full of knives, but you don’t know which one to choose.

You do not want to use a serrated knife. Instead, you want to use a sharp, pointed flat blade knife.

  • A Sharp knife- for obvious reasons, it will cut through the cheesecake with ease.
  • The choice of a Pointed knife over a round edge knife- so you can cut those slices beautifully without breaking the tips of the cheesecake slices
  • A flat-edged blade is preferable over a serrated edge, as you do not want to cut to cheesecake with a back-and-forth motion, but instead, just apply pressure downward and cut through the cake with a flat edge knife.

If you do have one of the fancier knives with a hollow-edged blade, this would be the first prize.

  • The hollow-edged blade is first prize over the standard blade. The hollow indents in the blade create less surface area for the cheesecake to stick to and create less drag. A great knife feature to help produce the best clean-cut cheesecake slices.

There are so many options to choose from online, but here are three great knives, one on the pricey side, one very cheap, and one middle range.

 how to cut a cheesecake

My Top 3 Choices Of Knives

I have chosen three chef-style knives, as these are very versatile in the kitchen. If you are going to be spending money on a knife, I” d prefer you buy something that has multipurpose use and can be used regularly.


This Wusthof knife classic chef’s knife is the first choice if budget isn’t an issue. Wusthof is a great brand and has a lifetime guarantee against manufacturing defects. They are made of hard steel and maintain their edge really well, which keeps them sharper for longer.

This knife has all the features to cut the cheesecake with ease. It has a flat,  sharp, pointed blade with a hollow edge.


This  Henckels santoku knife is an excellent middle-of-the-range knife– and it has all the features you would need to cut a cheesecake. It is a very versatile knife and can be used for many other things in the kitchen too.

The steel in the blade is not as hard as the Wusthof and not as soft as the Mundial. It’s a happy medium between the two. So remember to sharpen the knife regularly, so you don’t lose its edge.


Mundial knives are great value for money. The steal is much softer than the other two knives. They do tend to lose their sharp edge quite quickly, so you do have to commit to sharpening this knife on a regular basis. But it’s a small price to pay for the cost of the knife.

This also has all the features of a great knife to cut cheesecake with at a fraction of the price. So if you are on a budget, this knife would be a great choice.



Tips And Techniques To Slicing Up A Cheesecake-like A Pro

So now that you have chosen a  knife, let us break down how to cut a cheesecake.

Chill the Cheesecake

First off, you must chill the cheesecake down. A firm cheesecake will slice better, leaving clean-cut edges. The tips of the cheesecake wedge will be less like to break off or fold in too.

Use the Correct Knife

Make sure you are using the correct knife. Any one of the ones listed above will do the trick. Otherwise, look through your drawer for a sharp flat-edged knife. Please, just not use a serrated blade knife.

Heat the Knife

Heat your knife before slicing through the cheesecake. The heat will help melt through the mixture and create a clean-cut slice. Run your knife under hot water for about 20 seconds to heat up, and then slice the cheesecake.

If you plan on cutting your cheesecake at the table, fill a tall container with hot water deep enough to take the entire length of the blade. Dip the knife in boiling water and allow the blade to heat up slightly.

Cut your cheesecake, and wipe the knife to remove any excess cheesecake mixture between each slice.

Dip the knife in hot water again for the next slice and repeat the process.

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Another Top Tip,

Use greaseproof paper to divide the cheesecake into individual portions.

Take a piece of greaseproof paper and cut it to the height of the cheesecake, fold the paper over the sharp edge of the knife and continue to cut the cheesecake as usual. Leave the greaseproof paper in the wedge of cheesecake once sliced.  This looks very fancy and would impress any dinner guest.

The greaseproof paper will also prevent any open sliced cake from forming a skin, keeping it fresher for longer.

If you have gone through all the trouble to make your own cheesecake for your special occasion and to boast a little to your tea friends, the last thing you want to do is mess it up when slicing it.

Portioning The Cake

Dividing up the cheesecake into equal portions is important. Granny will be watching that her piece is the same size as everyone else’s.

To do this, cut the cheesecake in half. Then half again the other way. Now you have four equal quarters. Cut the quarters in half, and then in half again. With this method, you should hopefully end up with twelve equal slices.

So, now you have a suitable knife and some top tips on how to cut a cheesecake. Be sure to follow these simple, easy methods to perfectly cut the cheesecake every time.

Happy slicing!