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Learn The Secret To A Good Cheesecake

Good cheesecakes should be able eaten without any toppings or accompaniments. When paired with garnishes they should be able to work equally well too.

How To Fix Cheesecake Mistakes

Cracked Cheesecake

Over Baking - Avoid over baking a cheesecake by removing it at the correct time.

Over Mixing - Use room temperature ingredients and only mix them until they are just combined.

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Incorrect Baking Temperature

Be sure to check your oven temperature by using a manual oven temperature gauge.

How To Fix A Cracked Cheesecake

The easiest way to fix a cracked cheesecake is by simply adding a topping! A pile of fresh fruit or a chocolate ganache will cover up the cracks.

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How Do I Fix A Curdled Cheesecake?

Curdled products have a grainy and lumpy texture, but if you’re willing to look past it, you can still eat a flavorful cheesecake.

How Can I Fix A Sunken Cheesecake?

Sunken cheesecakes can’t be revived to a fuller cheesecake. Add fresh fruit or a topping to disguise the sunken center.


You have to have a trust-worthy recipe for correct ratios. Then, do not over mix or over bake your cheesecake.


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