Introducing The 8 Best Tasteful Substitutes Of Cream Cheese For Cheesecake

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Since cheesecake is one of the most delicate desserts, you may feel worried when trying to substitute the main ingredient “the cream cheese”.

For whatever reasons you need to replace the cream cheese, either not available or just trying to switch to healthier, guilt-free replacements and still enjoy the same velvety taste, we created a list of the best substitutes of cream cheese  for cheesecake that will keep your taste buds tingling

Let’s Take A Look At The Cream Cheese Replacement Options,


 cream cheese replacement

Starting with Mascarpone, a triple-creme cheese that is made from fresh cream was originally made from cow’s milk that was grazed on pastures filled with fresh herbs and flowers. If you want to make it at home, fresh milk is the best option but it can also be made with cream bought from the store.

Although it has a heavy texture and is considered as whole fat, so not considered as the healthier substitute, but it is been the best option for the tastiest cheesecake and tiramisu recipes. The good thing about mascarpone is that it has similarities considering the texture and the flavor as cream cheese.

2- Greek Yogurt

It is a protein-rich dairy product with a variety of culinary uses. It is an excellent source of a number of nutrients and may even offer a few health benefits.

However, it’s really important to choose the right type of Greek yogurt, as many can be packed with additives you don’t need like added sugar for example. You will wind up with something that tastes quite similar to cheesecake with cream cheese only, but it will be a lot healthier.

3- Cottage Cheese

As for cottage cheese which is a low-calorie cheese with a mild flavor and a bit runny texture, it’s often recommended as part of a healthy diet. So you can consider it as one of the healthier substitutes to cream cheese.

Standard cottage cheese is generally going to be creamy and it could be an interesting ingredient in cheesecake.

 no cream cheese cheesecake

4- Cashew/Almond Cream Cheese

This option is considered one of the healthiest, most vegan-friendly, dairy-free substitutes for the cream cheese. It basically consists of nuts. Once the mixture is created you can use it with whatever recipe you want.

All you need is, slivered and blanched almonds or cashews, some unsweetened non-dairy yogurt, a squeeze of fresh lemon juice, a little bit of apple cider vinegar, a teaspoon of onion powder, and a pinch of sea salt all mixed together, in a high-powered blender to create the best creamy like mixture.

5- Ricotta Cheese

Ricotta, as many other types of cheese, is made from the milk of cows, sheep, goats, or water buffalo, but the ricotta that we often consume is mainly made from cow milk.

This cheese has great characteristics that make it convenient to use in baking recipes. But considering the taste, it doesn’t give the same sweetness as cream cheese so you need to have some adjustments to your cheesecake recipe.

7- Gervais

Gervais is a soft, richly flavored French cheese that has the texture of very soft cream cheese and contains between 60 and 75 percent of milk fat. It has a sweet and tangy flavor and it is usually sold in small cylinders or flat squares.

It is usually served with crackers as an appetizer or with fruit as a dessert cheese, in both ways it satisfies all tastes. Its texture and flavor makes it so resemblant to cream cheese which makes it a great substitute.

8- Sour Cream

 substitutes for cream cheese in cheesecake

Let’s move to sour cream, we know it is common to use it with food and savory recipes, but it can also be a great option to replace cream cheese in some dessert recipes.

Sour cream is a dairy product obtained by mainly fermenting regular cream with certain lactic acid bacteria. The process is called souring, and this is what gives this kind of cream its name. Some other creams that can be also obtained is Fresh crème which is one type of sour cream with high-fat content and less sour taste.

You need to understand that this isn’t going to have the same sweet flavor that you are used to, so it is not the perfect cream cheese replacement for a sweet-tooth taster, because you won’t enjoy eating it the same way you enjoy eating standard cheesecake. It’s a totally different type of dessert that has its own fan base.

Reasons To Substitute Cream Cheese

There are many reasons why you might choose to substitute cream cheese with another ingredient. The main reason is that cream cheese is not a very healthy option especially if you are trying to watch your weight, or being committed to a certain diet.

So by using or trying some of the substitute choices already mentioned, you will be doing a favor for your own diet while at the same time enjoying your favorite desserts.

Although these replacements may be healthier, you still need to be very thoughtful of the amount you are consuming. Otherwise, there will be no benefit of switching from original cream cheese to another substitute at all.

Another reason to substitute cream cheese is that it might not be available at a certain time where you are in a hurry and a trip to the market is not possible. Whenever you might be in the mood for a cheesecake, or any other dessert but you simply won’t have what you need to make it, and that is totally normal.

Enjoy Your No Cream Cheese Cheesecake No Matter What!

Now that you have an idea about so many different substitute options, it should get easier to figure out which one you will want to try soon that will work perfectly for your needs and taste.

However, when enjoying your cheesecake, try to keep in mind that eating in moderation is key for the sake of your health.

And don’t be afraid to share the cheesecake you make, or even your own recipe with the cream cheese replacement that you chose and suits your taste the most, with those you love if it turned out exceptional!

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